Frequently asked questions – Onsite First Aid Trainer Melbourne

Q. What are my workplace first aid obligations?

A. Please contact us to discuss or follow this link for more information

Q. Where do you conduct public first aid courses in me Melbourne area? Is there a location near me?

A. Please see our Melbourne metropolitan page for all locations and address details.

Q. Is First Aid Level 2 (Apply First Aid) the same as Senior First Aid and Workplace First Aid?

A. Yes, even though they may have different course names the content is the same and nationally recognised.

Q. What is the difference between Onsite First Aid Trainer and Red Cross first aid courses or St Johns first aid training?

A. Onsite First Aid Trainer delivers exactly the same course content. Our fees are generally a lot lower especially for group bookings. The accreditation you receive is exactly the same as Red Cross or St Johns. Our trainers are very professional and really enjoy teaching people first aid. We are not a volunteer organisation.

Q. How long does the first aid certificate last for?

A. Certification lasts 36 months. The CPR component of the course needs to be renewed every 12 months.

Q. I did my last training with St Johns or Red Cross.  Do I need to bring along this certificate with me when I do my training with Onsite First Aid?

A. No, we will be covering all the course content with you again, including updates in new techniques to administer first aid.

Q. Do you have discounts for senior citizens?

A. Yes, we offer discounts. Onsite First Aid endeavours to keep training costs down, this enables more people to train in first aid.

Q. Do you sell Defibrillators?

A. Yes, in 2012 we will be selling defibrillators (TGA approved)

Q. Which first aid course is best for me?

A. This largely depends on your workplace requirements. The standard required in most workplaces is First Aid level 2. If unsure see our What first aid course is best for me? page.

Q. I have misplaced my first aid certificate. Can I get a replacement certificate?

A. Yes, please contact us and have on hand the date and course you completed.