Party Safe First Aid

2 Hours

Party Safe First Aid is aimed to give our youth the knowledge and skills to know what to do if things go badly due to excessive drinking, more commonly known as binge drinking. These situations usually happen within a party environment where there may or may not be adult supervision.
Party safe first aidUnfortunately even some adults would not recognise the signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning or know how to treat it.

When someone passes out from too much alcohol many think they will be fine and they just need to sleep it off, but this may not be the case. The person could slip into unconsciousness and you would not even know, then it can become life threatening.

This is a non-accredited course.

Most people have heard of the phrase he drowned in their own vomit, well basically that is exactly what can happen.  There is even a very real risk of irreversible brain damage if that person’s airway has been blocked.

We feel passionate at Onsite First Aid about educating our youth. We offer them some very real tools that they can take with them when they go out to party. With Schoolies now such a huge event this is even more important.  We keep our training basic, simple and very practical.

We cover the following in this program:

  • how to seek help within the party environment
  • dealing with head injuries and knife wounds
  • CPR and unconsciousness due to alcohol poisoning 
  • Calling an ambulance

This is such a worthwhile course for our young people, assisting them to keep themselves and their mates safe.  A little bit of knowledge can make a huge difference.

Course duration – 2 hours